Wednesday, 28 October 2009

You know what they say

capitalism, elitism, atheism, im all for it
being a hater on the sidelines is nothing more than boring
you know what they say, you have to play
the game to be a winner so im in it, see me winning?
not yet, cool, but i see you whining, your annoying
you know what they say, if you cant beat 'em then join 'em
i have invested days researching deep into the world's hidden lies,
hidden truths, i should say,
from illuminati to obama, aleister crowley and david icke
you know what they say, ask no questions, hear no lies
hear no evil see no evil, see i, i turn a blind eye
who am i, to question why the world turns on it's side
ive got no purpose, no service, im just here to live my life
so when i bun a jesus junkie please dont run up on me
asking question after question, cos i can look at you with such a disinterest
you imagine seeing fire in my eyes, but thats only because your religions got you blind
you know what they say, if you cant stand the heat, get out the kitchen
too many cooks spoil the brew, money over bitches,
and i interpret the bitches as you.

I know what they say, but do you..?

Author: Matthew Sackey

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