Friday, 30 October 2009

Change Direction

Im not a prince nor the president, the power? na i'm just the prospering peasant with more potential than the people who possess it a philosophical poet with a brain far ahead from the present, pathetic population see problems without even looking from a perfected perspective. I see through true spectacles, your blind so id rather be in poverty than be visionless and protected, when the reckoning comes well all fall powerless to the might we neglected, since the first tock ticked. The clock was restless to stop as it witnessed destruction so endlessly reckless, as it itself wished it could stop.... And change direction.

As i walked through the life i noticed everybody else was driving, i looked ahead the sight was frightening far from a light ahead,instead it was lightning, it was raining in front of me the light was fading behind me, dying to be lively as i walk up the hill which is rising the fight is becoming more of a strife as i walk against the wind flow which is pushing me, quite rightly, i struggle quietly so survival is becoming less likely i must be blind to not see there’s nothing but darkness which now misguides me, but now the tide drives me ahead into a dead ending, into the last word of the last sentence, i see nothing and it symbolises my reflection so i wish i could stop.... And change direction

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